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Curriculum Tutoring

Surely at some point during your university career you have needed help and advice to focus your future both academically and professionally. Which subjects to enroll in? Which master's degree will be the best for me? What to study to focus on my professional career? How to focus my doctoral research?

Don't worry, with the Curriculum Tutoring service you will be able to find an answer to all the questions you may have.

This service aims to implement tutoring activities for all students of our School (Bachelor, Master and PhD) as a further support in your learning process.

información  Access to the teachers of the Curricular Tutoring Service

It is completely voluntary and aims to help students in their academic and professional orientation needs. The service is part of the Tutorial Action Plan and is divided into four stages, depending on the course you are in and the type of doubt you have.

  • Tutorials for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students:

For first and second year students, the plan focuses on an academic tutoring focused on supporting you in an adequate programming of the subjects to enroll in each semester, to try to guide your study plan, and thus be able to better answer the question: what subjects to enroll in?

  • Tutorials for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students:

For third and fourth year students, the plan focuses on a curricular undergraduate tutoring focused on the proper development of students within the specific subjects of each degree, in order to help as much as possible in your choice of electives, internships and mobility. Here you will be able to answer: how can I focus my future?

  • Academic tutoring for undergraduates, graduates, Master and PhD students:

For undergraduates, graduates, Master's and PhD students, the plan to a postgraduate curricular tutoring focuses on guidance to students who want to continue their graduate studies and for those who are pursuing them, advising them on academic orientation and mobility. Basically: what master's degree should I take? or once I have taken a master's degree, how do I focus academically?

  • Professional tutoring for undergraduates, graduates, Master and PhD students:

And finally, also for pre-graduates, graduates, Master's and Doctorate students (Professional Tutoring), the plan focuses on putting them in contact with the various existing possibilities for professional development, as well as guiding them in the realization of external internships.

How to apply?

how to The service is requested through the intranet. You can make an inquiry or request an appointment with the tutor (academic/curricular) that you consider most appropriate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: