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Trabajo Fin de Máster (en inglés)

New April 2020: Due to the exceptional measurements in place, and following our Rectorate's guidelines, the ETSIST has approved the procedure to follow in order to perform the oral presentaion and defense of the MSSEIS Master's Thesis ONLINE. If you want to follow this procedure, make sure to read carefully the document describing the steps to follow and talk previously with your tutor (and director if you also have an external director). These are the corresponding documents (they are in Spanish; if you need any clarification in English, contact


(Note) If you are a student of the EIT Digital itinerary, be sure to read the section "Information of interest to students of the EIT Digital itinerary" at the end of this page.

The Master's Thesis (MT) is compulsory in the MSSEIS's study plan, thus it is necessary in order to obtain the Master's Degree. It is worth 15 ECTS and its examination must be the last that the student does in the programme.

The Master Thesis must be an original work performed individually by the student under the guidance of a director. If the director is not a teacher of the Master's programme, there also has to be a supervisor inside the programme who makes sure that the regulations related to the MT are respected.

During the development of the MT, the student exercises the competences acquired through the subjects he/she has followed in order to carry out an engineering or innovation project, or a research work, aligned with the educational objectives of the Master program (i.e., a system and/or a service for the Information Society).

Master's Thesis procedure

The following is a summarized description of the procedure that is normally followed to do the Master's Thesis.

  • The first step is to agree with a teacher (or an external director + a supervisor teacher) on a topic and the main objectives of the MT to be carried out under his/her guidance.

  • Three months before the MT exam (the latest), the Master's Thesis project has to be registered at the students' secretariat. This document contains the main data of the Master's Thesis, including the proposal for the examination panel, and has the following structure: Objectives, description, methodology, tasks, materials to be used, time-schedule and bibliography. It is signed and approved by the student, director (and supervisor if applicable) and programme responsible.

  • At the end of the MT, a manuscript is produced by the student describing the main aspects of the work carried out.

  • 12 days before the Master Thesis exam (the latest), 3 copies of the manuscript + 2 CD-ROM + the notification of date, hour and place of the defense (exam) have to be registered at the students' secretariat.

  • The MT exam consists of an oral presentation performed in front of a board of three examiners, who will pose questions at the end that the student has to answer. This defense is public.

  • The quality of the work performed, the document written by the student, the oral presentation and the defense will determine the mark obtained for the Master's Thesis.

Downloadable documents

Information of interest to students of the EIT Digital itinerary

Some of the downloadable documents above have sections that apply only to EITD students. This is made to comply with the information that the EIT Digital MS asks to the students as part of their Final Degree Project procedure.

Besides those extra sections, EIT Digital MS students have to produce an additional document:

  • EITD FDP final 2-page document. This 2-pager document (separate from the Master Thesis), whith the contents as specified in this downloadable template, has to be produced before the termination of your Final Degree Project and has to be submitted in duplicate (original + 1 copy) at the same time as the Master Thesis manuscript.