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Important: Download and read the complete Master’s Thesis regulation from this link. The contents of this page are only a summary of that regulation.


The Master's Thesis (MTH) is compulsory in the Master in Wireless Communications study plan, since it is necessary in order to obtain the Master's Diploma. The Master's Thesis (MTH) represents an original engineering project or a research work on any topic included in the academic program of the master’s degree. The MTH collects all the competences of the master degree.

This activity is accounted as 12 ECTS, resulting in a final dissertation, which consists on a written report and an public oral exposition, to be reviewed and assessed by an evaluation committee. To proceed with the defense of the final dissertation, the student must have previously passed 48 ECTS, so that the MTH is his/her last exam before obtaining the master’s degree.

Summary of the Master’s Thesis procedure

  • Topic of the Master Thesis. The first step is to agree with a professor of the School, who will act as the MTH tutor (or an external director + a professor of the School who will act as the MTH tutor), on a topic and the main objectives of the MTH to be carried out under his/her guidance. The student candidate must collect the topic, objectives and planning of the master thesis in a brief research plan, no more than two pages long. This research plan will be assessed by the Master’s Academic Coordination Commission.
  • Master's Thesis project. No more than two months after the assignment of the topic and Tutor, a Master's Thesis project must be presented to the Academic Secretariat of the Master. This document must be signed by the student and his/her tutor (and director if applicable). It has also to be validated by the Master’s Academic Coordination Commission. This document must be uploaded to the electronic platform that will be notified to the students for that purpose. The Master's Thesis project contains the main data of the Master's Thesis.
  • Master's Thesis contribution to technical journal or international conference. The student, advised by the tutor (or the director if applicable), will look for a journal or international conference where to submit an article that includes part of the work developed in the MTH. Before the MTH dissertation the article must have been at least sent to the selected journal or conference for its consideration to be published by a process of peer-reviewing.
  • Master's Thesis dissertation. The student must write a manuscript or final report containing the fundamental aspects, results and contributions of his/her work. The MTH report must be written in English and must include a transcript of the technical paper previously mentioned in an Annex. The defense will be in-person, in front of the examining board, and must be conducted in English. At least ten working days before the Master’s Thesis exam, a PDF file with the content of the manuscript must be uploaded to the electronic platform that will be notified to the students. Besides, three printed copies of the manuscript must be presented to the Academic Secretariat of the Master before the MTH defense, at least one of them in hard cover. The MTH defense consists of an oral presentation, around 20 minutes long, performed in English by the student in front of the tribunal. At the end of the presentation, the members of the tribunal will address any question they have to the candidate. This defense is open to the public.

Downloadable documents

  • Research Plan. This document describes a proposal for a MTH topic. It will be used to describe a topic on which the tutor and the student have already agreed.
  • Master's Thesis project. This document is compulsory and has to be produced no more than two months after the assignment of the topic and Tutor.
  • First page of the MTH manuscript. It is compulsory that the very first page of the MTH manuscript follows exactly this template.
  • Master's Thesis evaluation report. This is the document that each member of the tribunal will be using to assess the different aspects of the MTH, in order to aid in the decision of the final mark.